1½" Styling Iron

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Easily smooth or curl with this unique titanium-plated styling iron. The built-in technology sets the usmooth’s 1½" Styling Iron apart from other ordinary hair styling flat irons.

  • Far infrared technology heat penetrates hair quickly and evenly, creating less damage. 
  • Titanium plates easily glide over hair 
  • Adjustable temperature setting up to 450°F 
  • Automatically shuts off when not in use for 50 minutes 
  • Tangle-free swivel cord 
  • Versatile, lightweight, and ergonomic
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Written by Sandie on Oct 24th 2021

Very happy

The first one I ever bought lasted for 8 years!! Very satisfied with this product.

Written by Patti Ray on Oct 16th 2021

Flat iron

I absolutely love this flat iron, it’s like sliding your hair between two pieces of silk!

Written by Linda Taylor on Oct 16th 2021

usmooth 1 1/2" flat iron

My hair stylist uses this on my hair so I asked her where I could get one. She was selling them so I jumped on that! I have a friend needing a new flat iron so I told her she needs to get one like mine. I told her about the digital temp setting and how to turn it on by holding button down for a couple of seconds. I told her to go directly to and check them out and she purchased one. She is so in love with it!!! Thanks for having such a wonderful flat iron.

Written by Christy Morris on Oct 15th 2021


I love this flat iron!! Heats up super fast and tons of Temps to choose from which is helpful with my thin hair.

Written by Laurice M Provost on Apr 22nd 2021

Perfect for my hair

I've seen 2 of my beauticians use this on my hair and so I wanted to try it myself to see if I could get the same results and not have to spend $100 on my hair every 2 weeks. I finally caved and got it and I'm not disappointed. Probably used this about 3 weeks ago and my hair still looks great(don't judge me I'm pregnant washing, blow drying and flat ironing my hair is a task at this point). I recommend this to an African American female who wants her hair to look good without having to leave the house and pay someone else.

Written by MSM on Apr 7th 2021

Love the product! Great customer service, too!

I love the styling iron! It’s the same one my salon uses and works great on my hair. I also called customer service with a question and the person I talked to was wonderful. Thank you!

Written by Karen Durling on May 7th 2020

Best straightener Iv ever owned

My hair stylist suggested Usmooth and i haven't owned a straightener this good in year if at all. Iv spend hundreds of dollars. I highly suggest this one. My hair is super thick and frizzy.

Written by Angela Moleski on Mar 24th 2020

Love it

Love it!

Written by Joseph Travis on Mar 23rd 2020

Another 7 years

Bought this to replace a 7 year old usmooth straightener that was showing signs of wear and tear. Satisfied with this product. Works just as I expected.

Written by CJ on Mar 16th 2020

Not as good as it used to be :-(

I've owned the silver model for 2/3 years, so did my stylist and we loved them! It had always done a wonderful job on my hair at 375°. My silver one only works occasionally now because the power button is cutting out. I wish I could fix it because it's a lot better than the new one. The Matte black one can only be turned up in increments of 10....So, I've tried 380, 390, and 400 and will have to go to 410/420 to get the same results I had before(hopefully). I've only used it three times and can't return it. I don't know if something is wrong with it or the design is different than the silver model, but the results are not as good. A coworker said she could tell the difference too. With the previous iron, I had no waves and it stayed that way for days until I washed it. With this one I have pieces turning under and some random wavy pieces. Also it's just not as smooth looking. Nothing else has changed, I'm still using the same products I have for years. I think companies should stand behind their products and if doesn't work well they should let the customer return it in the first 30 days.