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Professional Tool Use

Use Protective Products
Before blow drying or ironing your hair, it is imperative to apply products with thermal protection. If you consistently use heat tools for daily styling, you will also need moisture replenishing products in your regimen, especially if you color or chemically treat your hair

Adjust Your Temperature
Start with the lowest setting your thermal tool has and only raise the temperature if you're not achieving your desired results. It is important to consider the texture and condition of your hair when choosing a temperature setting.

Below is a general guideline of where you may want to set the temperature according to your hair type.
Please note: hair texture is typically finer around your hairline.
Thick/Coarse/Curly Hair (360˙ - 450˙F)
Normal/Medium/Wavy Hair (320˙ - 360˙F)
Thin/Fine Hair (below 320˙F)

Style With Care
Use moderate and consistent pressure when styling with thermal tools.  It is not necessary to apply excessive pressure to achieve results.  Staying in constant motion while drying, smoothing, or curling will help prevent thermal damage.

Extend the life of your flat iron

Clean Flat Iron Regularly
To ensure your iron will pass smoothly through your hair, keep it clean. To clean your flat iron, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe the plates while it is still warm (not hot, but warm). The alcohol will soften buildup on your iron so you can wipe it off. It’s best to clean your flat iron after each use.

Style Clean Hair
Whether you are smoothing, waving, or curling with your iron, one basic, but important, the tip is to make sure you are using quality, professional products. Many over the counter products contain ingredients that cannot only build up on your hair, but when heated can bake onto the hair strand causing hair to be dull and lifeless.

Having a regular up-keep schedule for your hair and your iron will keep your hair healthier and extend the life of your tool.

Warranty Information

Usmooth professional tools come with a 12-month limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Register your tool online here within 30 days of purchase or mail in the registration card included in the box. Purchases made through Amazon or Ebay will fall under their return policy. If it is less than 12-months, we will honor the warranty if the customer can provide invoice and serial number, and send in the defective iron for testing.

Before returning your tool, please email and include an explanation and photo/video of your product.


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