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Apr 10th 2024

Harnessing the Power of Ions in Hair Styling: A Look at usmooth Professional Styling Tools

With the ever-evolving landscape of hair care technology, usmooth is at the forefront with its advanced styling tools that employ both negative and positive ions to transform the way we style hair. Grasping the complexities of ionic technology uncovers the benefits of smoother, faster, and healthier hair styling.

Positive Ions: The Unsung Hero in Hair Styling

While negative ions always receive all the glory for their frizz-fighting capabilities, positive ions also play a significant role in the hair styling process. Positive ions leave the cuticle layer slightly raised and although this may seem counterintuitive, opening the cuticle is advantageous at times. Most blow dryers on the market generate a “prescriptive” combination of ions that slightly change between settings. However, you can be in complete control of the ions you want to use with usmooth’s Revolution Professional Dryer.

Let’s take a closer look at why this may be important to you. An open cuticle naturally creates fuller, thicker hair because the hair strand itself has a larger diameter. Additionally, you can use positive ions to prep hair to maximum absorption of your take home hair treatments.

Instructions on how to create volume for limp or fine hair: Prep hair with your favorite color safe volume shampoo and conditioner. Apply styling products designed to create and support volume. Blow dry as usual with positive ion setting on. If you’re concerned about frizz, dry and style until roughly 90% dry then switch to the negative ion setting to quickly polish the midshaft and ends by closing the cuticle layer.

Positive ions are perfect for use before professional smoothing treatments and masques, as it allows for better penetration of products. You can mimic the benefits of your in-salon masque treatment at home by prepping the hair and allowing product to penetrate past the cuticle.

Instructions on how to use positive ions for the perfect selfcare day at home: Prep hair with your favorite detoxifying shampoo. Blow dry hair roughly 50% dry with the positive ion setting. Use your favorite mask as directed by your stylist. Rinse and style with the negative ion setting as your final post treatment step to lock in the benefits your treatment and protect the hair from additional damage.

Negative Ions: The Key to Frizz Reduction and Smooth Cuticles

When it comes to achieving sleek, smooth hair without the frizz, negative ions play a pivotal role. Every usmooth styling tool, including the brilliant Infinite Iron, the iconic Styling Irons, the sleek Curling Wands all the way over to our Volume BlowDry Brush, are all equipped with technology that emits millions of negative ions. This is not merely a trivial feature; the science behind it profoundly impacts hair health and appearance.

Negative ions work by neutralizing the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair. This neutralization causes water molecules to break down into smaller particles that can then penetrate the hair shaft, increasing hydration and laying down the cuticle. So even when you’re creating that beachy wave look with the usmooth Wave Iron, you’re still laying down the cuticle. This is crucial in achieving that coveted glossy, frizz-free look because it reflects light more evenly, rather than scattering it, as raised cuticles do.

Furthermore, with the cuticle smoothed out, hair looks not only shinier but also feels softer to the touch. usmooth incorporates ionic technology into its line of blow dryers, flat irons, waving and curling irons to ensure that every time you style your hair, you're also promoting its overall health and reducing the likelihood of frizz.

In summary, the intricate dance between negative and positive ions within usmooth styling tools provides double the benefit: high efficiency paired with hair health preservation. Each time a usmooth tool is used, it's an investment not just in one's personal appearance, but also in the long-term vitality and luster of their hair.


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