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Shine Gloss Spray

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Shine Gloss Spray is enriched with a unique combination of UV protectants, lightweight conditioners, and sunflower oil. Shine is designed to transform dull hair, fight humidity, and reduce color loss due to environmental factors. TO USE:Spray in an even and continuous motion on dry hair. For best results hold 8-10 inches away.
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Written by Alisson Hempel on Mar 21st 2022

Shine Spray

I love this product! I use it to calm any frizz when I want to leave my hair curly. It really makes my natural curls look amazing! Then, when I want to straighten it, I use the Shine spray with my flat iron. Great product!

Written by Nancy J Hammond on Sep 9th 2021

Shine Spray

I love this product! Most of the models on this website have long flowing hair. Not me, mine is short and spikey for this 72 year young woman. Like many my age, the silver shades are creeping into my hair. When I use Shine, the low lights and hilights are emphasized and makes my hairstyle pop! This is a keeper!

Written by Rebecca Weaver on Aug 26th 2021

Keep being Amazing!

I’ve been using usmooth products for about 4 years now and I just love them. I have really fine frizzy curly hair. Most products make my hair greasy or don’t protect my hair enough with how often I straighten my hair but usmooth keeps my hair hydrated without the grease. I absolutely love the smell of all the products!! Keep being amazing!!

Written by Marva Cotton on Aug 5th 2021

Best Shine Spray!

This is the absolute BEST shine spray I had ever used!! It smells so good and works so well with my hair, leaving a shine after a shampoo!

Written by Annie Leckenby on Mar 31st 2020

Best product!

I really love this product and highly recommend it!

Written by Rebecca Todd on Mar 23rd 2020

Gloss Spray, Shampoo and Conditioner

I apologize for the delay in reviewing your products. I have been using shampoo and conditioner for 2 years now and absolutely love love love your products. Gloss spray is terrific. bought some shampoo and conditioner for daughter because I got tired of looking at her dull and dry hair - her hair looks amazing! Thank you so much for your product and letting me order on line.

Written by Donna Foster Paulsen on Feb 22nd 2020

Gloss spray

It leaves my hair shiny and beautiful! Love this product!

Written by Nancy JH on Dec 17th 2019

Putting on the Shine

I thought I would try this product to see if it lifted up some of my highlights. It does do what I wanted, the highlights and lowlights are more vibrant and my hair looks and feels healthier.