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3 Ideas to Switch Up Your Style for the New Year

Shayla Vance

Mon, Dec 30, 2019

Are you already hearing, “New year, new me!”? 2020 is just around the corner, so it’s coming. We say skip the resolutions and do a hair makeover! If you’re looking to switch up your hair style, here are some ideas so you can put your best hair forward this new year!

Let Your Curls Loose

More and more people are showing off their hair’s natural beauty, and we are here for it! If you haven’t tried it, rocking your natural curls could be an easy way to change up your style. And usmooth has all the products you need for a smooth transition to curly locks.

When it comes to curly hair, hydration is key! An easy way to give your hair all the extra moisture it needs is swapping out your shampoo and conditioner for Hydrate Cleanse and Condition. They’re packed with hydrating ingredients like plum seed oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter! And you can add Enhance Curl Lotion or Prime 7-in-1 Crème into your routine to keep your curls defined, hydrated, and frizz-free.

Bold and Blunt

If you just want a subtle change to update your current look, switch out your layers for a blunt, straight cut. It’s a great modern style that looks gorgeous on long and short hair. Plus, it’s a versatile cut that slays whether you straighten or curl it. Whichever way you prefer to style, always make sure to have a bottle of Protect Thermal Spray on hand to protect your hair from your hot tools.


Bangs are a great way to customize how your hair frames your face and enhances your facial features. There are so many different bang styles, so there’s something to suit everyone! If you have straight hair or love smoothing it out with a flat iron, blunt bangs could be a great way to create a sleek look. Or if you want something more effortless and laid back, curtain bangs could be for you! There are so many possibilities, so make sure to chat with your stylist about which bang style will work best for you and your personality.

Whether you want a dramatic change or tweak your current style, treating yourself to a fresh haircut is a great way to kick off the new year feeling confident.

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